• Fixed the Barbarian pet bug issue
  • Fixed the Hero Inspect window issue



  • Raised post-map timer to 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes)
  • Mana cost removed from all instant abilities


  • The Goblin Mech boss on Akatiti has its health reduced to be more in line with other bosses
  • EV's damage scaling has been increased to be more in line with other heroes (up 15%)
  • Jester's damage scaling has been increased to be more in line with other heroes (up 10%)
  • Changes to health scaling per hero (this refers to the amount of health gaines per point invested):
    • Barbarian +38.8%
    • Squire - 0.04%
    • Countess +19%
    • Monk +66.6%
    • Initiate +194%
    • Jester +66.6%
    • Huntress +108%
    • Ranger +66.6%
    • Series EV +33%
    • Apprentice +66.6%
    • Adept +108%
    • Summoner +38.8%
  • Reduced Summoner Warrior DU to 6 (from 7)
  • Reduced Summoner Ogre DU to 7 (from 9)
  • Dark Elf Warrior jump attack base damage reduced to 30 (from 105)
  • Reduced Deadly Striker Tower DU to 7 (from 8)
  • Increased Slice'N'Dice HP (25% more than Spiky)
  • Increased projectile width on Piercing Shot (to 450 from 150)
  • Increased duration of Jester WoF buffs
  • Lowered Ogre chance on Jester towers (to 0.5% from 2%)
  • Reduced lifespan of Bowling Ball projectiles (to 3 sec from 6)
  • Upgrades to elemental damage stats now increase the base value by 40%, down from 60%
  • Monk projectiles now apply 30% of the equipped weapon's elemental damage
  • Lowered all trap’s radius scaling. (.039 to .0058)
  • Demon Lord fire damage changed to passive
  • Move Tower amulet ability cooldown increased to 20 sec (from 15)
  • Jester Move Tower cooldown decreased to 10 sec (from 15)
  • Flash Repair amulet ability cooldown increased to 30 seconds (from 20) and reduced scaling
  • Curse of Weakness no longer reduces the amount of damage enemies deal; this has been moved to the Taunt amulet ability
  • Removed the speed decrease penalty for using Defensive Maneuvers -- HIGH SPEED TANKING!
  • Increased Mana Bomb cooldown from 60 to 90 seconds
  • Increased Piercing Shot cooldown from 4 to 8 seconds
  • Increased Taunt cooldown from 15 to 25 seconds
  • Increased Purity Bomb cooldown from 60 to 90 seconds
  • Increased Curse cooldown from 20 to 30 seconds
  • Increased Flash Heal cooldown from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Increased Flash Repair cooldown from 15 to 30 seconds
  • Increased Decoy cooldown from 15 to 20 seconds


  • Fixed a variety of issues with the Android version that stopped players from logging in/playing the game; if you’re still unable to play, please send an email to
  • Implemented potential solution to the save data wipe issue; if this issue occurs again, please email, and we’ll recover your lost save data
  • Stopped Summoner minions from moonwalking away while moving to invalid targets
  • Summoner minions now appropriately scale with Defense Speed
  • Implemented the item downgrade as mentioned in this thread; all affected players will receive 100,000 gold
  • Fixed issue with loot drops on Akatiti Jungle boss fight and map completion rewards generating too high on all difficulties; this has been fixed to the standard difficulty/reward generation
  • Fixed bug with the Akatiti Goblin Mech where the boss would get stuck
  • Equipping the Move Tower amulet no longer breaks Jester's default Move Tower
  • Maps that support more than 4 players now have proper mana amounts
  • Griffon tooltip adjusted to show correct total damage for Tornado
  • Fixed tooltip for Lightning Strike
  • Fixed the issue where the Countess' Joust ability forced the Summit Ancient Dragon boss downward when hit
  • Players can now pet the Catarangs in Sky City for mana
  • Enemies that spawn from the top-right spawn in Palantir were incorrectly targeting the bottom crystal; they now target the top crystal
  • Fixed the issue where spawns doors on Tinkerer’s Lab did not open starting with the 2nd wave; they now open correctly
  • Fixed the issue where pressing two menu activation buttons at similar times brings up both menus (Inspect Hero and Shop)
  • The Apprentice Mushroom Staff’s projectile/impact decal was not properly colorizing to what the item showed was its projectile/impact color
  • Enrage Aura tooltip typo fixed
  • Killed the glow on the gargoyle staff projectile when it dies

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